Obama’s Post-Cold War ‘Bizarro World’ Foreign Policies

| April 24, 2014

obama foreign policy disorder

The new global order unfolding has the look of disorder.

Obama’s Post-Cold War ‘Bizarro World’ Foreign Policies

Washington Times | April 24, 2014

By JD Gordon

When I was growing up during the Cold War, the geopolitical narrative seemed clear-cut and favored Americans.

The United States and the Soviet Union faced off for supremacy in every corner of the globe, fighting proxy wars in Korea, Vietnam, Central America and beyond. Most American presidents developed reputations as strong leaders, staking their presidencies on promoting democracy, liberty, free-market economies and Judeo-Christian values. Soviet premiers were similarly strong, and equally committed to spreading collectivism, repression and atheistic totalitarianism.

Most Americans knew that Uncle Sam was on the right side of history. The 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union and resulting freedom for hundreds of millions behind the Iron Curtain proved it.

Yet today, it seems Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin have collectively thrown away those playbooks and in essence created a new “Bizarro World” order. Baby boomers will recall “Bizarro World” from ‘60s-era Superman comics as a planet resembling Earth, except instead of spherical, it is strangely cube-shaped, and all things held dear on Earth are despised there. It is, in effect, a counter-Earth. So, it seems, is our world in the Age of Obama.

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